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Dubai- based Architect Shahrooz Zomorrodi co-founded DecoZ Studio with his partner Hossein Joneidi. DecoZ Studio, is a new luxury brand designing and manufacturing contemporary furniture, designed in Dubai with an artistic twist. The popularity of Ark, the first piece of furniture that Zomorrodi designed for DecoZ Studio, led to the debut of five other pieces of furniture at INDEX Dubai 2022. The designer is also the founder of Shahrooz Zomorrodi & Associates, a global, multi-disciplinary architectural and design consultancy with offices in Dubai and Tehran. Zomorrodi enjoys an expansive and varied portfolio of projects and awards in the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. His award-winning practice has bagged an impressive number of awards for its architectural and interior projects and is regularly featured in the regional and international media, including titles such as the prestigious Italian title Domus. Designer: Shahrooz Zomorrodi Architect, Designer and CEO of Zomorrodi & Associates Shahrooz Zomorrodi began his career in 2006 by designing a TV table for a friend. After that, he was driven by his aim to create new and unique furniture and structures, his story being built on a combination of successes and a few failures. Since those early days, he has contributed to many of the best-known projects in Iran and other countries. The recent Tr88 House project on Bluewaters Island in Dubai, opening soon, is one of his most interesting projects. Zomorrodi has also started collaborating with a number of Italian brands in the field of furniture design.